Who We Are

History of Greater Love Assembly

Greater Love Assembly is a young and dynamic growing church that started in 2012. We started our fellowship in the house of one of our members. As some people later joined us, it became clear that God was bringing into in the heart of Europe, a multicultural Christian fellowship which became known as Greater Love Assembly.

In January 2013, we moved to our present address at 13B Rue Doyen Fierens, 1080 Brussels.
Greater Love Assembly is a full registered church under Monitor Belg. We are also a member of the Verbond Van Vlaamse Pinkstergemeenten (VVP) and Le Synode Federal des Eglises Protestantes et Evangeliques de Belgique (SF)/Federal Synode van Protestantse en Evangelische Kerken in België through its affiliation to A-net and through this, we have acknowledgement from the Belgian government as a "culte reconnu/erkende eredienst".

We are a living church that is made up of people from different races and walks of life who share a common goal, ‘Fervent Love for Jesus Christ and a deep sense of hunger for more of Him’. We want Jesus to be known in our city and in every corner of the world.

We strongly believe in the truth of the Bible, and we are firmly committed to the doctrine of the New Testament which our Lord Jesus laid for the early Apostles. Our core aim is to reach every group of people and race by not only sharing the Good News, but more so, becoming the Good News to them. We aim to live a practical life that is full of grace and love.

We are not yet perfect and we are not aiming to attain perfection, considering that perfection only belongs to Jesus Christ. However, we persevere to continue working hard daily to keep what God committed into our hands and by living an honest and transparent life.

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